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Join the CLEL Twitter Team!

As we have added new members to the CLEL Steering Committee, certain committee responsibilities are being adjusted to accommodate the change in personnel. Melissa Depper has agreed to chair the Advocacy Committee in 2012, freeing Nancy Maday to become the Steering Committee Chair. In order to make time for her new duties, Melissa will no longer be able to take sole responsibility for the CLEL Twitter account. As a result, the Communications Committee is looking for several CLEL members to volunteer to help maintain our Twitter presence!

About CLEL on Twitter

The CLEL Twitter account is 3 years old, and our goals for the social network have been to promote our websites and nationally; to distribute our blog posts; to follow and converse with other national and local organizations promoting early literacy and reading; and to promote early literacy messages, programs, services, and resources. We have tried to tweet daily and currently have over 350 followers, who are literacy organizations, librarians, authors, and interested individuals. You can read through past CLEL tweets here. (November has been mostly blog posts; scroll back to October to see the type of "regular" tweets we've made in the past.)

What does CLEL need?

We are looking to gather a Twitter team that would help us meet our goal to tweet daily. Ideally, our team would include people who promote CLEL through their own Twitter accounts, people who research content for our tweets, and people who can help administer the CLEL account and post the tweets.

You do not need to be a Twitter expert to help out! You do not need to commit to daily tweets to help out! The more folks we have who are interested, the easier the load is for everyone.

What do you gain?

Joining the Twitter team is an excellent professional development activity. If you don't currently use Twitter, it would give you a focused opportunity to learn more about this very popular social network. If you do use Twitter, your involvement with the CLEL account may broaden your own personal learning network and increase your awareness of the national early literacy community and current early literacy news and research. By helping with the CLEL account, you would become able to help initiate or maintain a Twitter account for your own library or youth services department.

If you would like to learn more, or already know you would like to participate, here are some ways to get started. Read through the list, then let us know how you would like to become involved, or if you have some questions.

Possible Action Steps for CLEL Members:

Create a Twitter account and explore the social network to see if you'd like to be on the CLEL Twitter team.

This would involve setting up an account and exploring Twitter on your own, to get a sense for what's involved and if participating on Twitter is something that will fit into your day or week.

Ask for help getting started on Twitter to see if you'd like to be on the CLEL Twitter team.

This would involve setting up a phone conversation or email exchange with either Mary Kuehner, Communications Committee Chair, or Melissa, who will introduce you to how Twitter works, and how to set up your own Twitter account, and give you tips for exploring.

Promote CLEL via your own Twitter account.

This would involve following CLEL from your own Twitter account, occasionally mentioning CLEL in your tweets, and periodically retweeting CLEL Twitter messages to your own followers. You would let Mary know you are serving in this role and give her an idea as to how often you are on Twitter, and how many mentions a month you would be responsible for.

Research content for the CLEL Twitter account.

This would involve researching and sending to the Communications committee at least one set of 5 links relating to an early literacy program, service, or research topic (For example, five links about new literacy books, or 5 links on early literacy programs in prison and detention centers, or five links about how singing builds literacy skills.) These links will be turned into tweets by one of the Twitter account Admins. You would determine, with Mary, the number of sets you would be responsible for (just one set, one set a month, etc.) and be accountable to her for your content and deadlines. You would not need to be on Twitter to research content.

Be a CLEL Twitter account Admin.

This would involve being a regular Twitter user, knowing the login and password to the CLEL account, possibly knowing the login and password to a CLEL Hootsuite or Tweetdeck account, and being responsible for posting a set number of original tweets and retweets a month. Tweet topics would be your choice. You would set a schedule with Mary, and be accountable to her for your content.

Do you have questions? Would you like to volunteer? Let us know! Thank you for your consideration!

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