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Language Development

Why Using Big Words With Children is Important

Did you know that between the ages of 2 and 6 children have the ability to learn 6 to 10 new words a day? From the always helpful Not Just Cute blog comes this article about why it's important for adults to use "quality language" with children. While "baby talk" has been shown to support language development in infants, by the time children get older, they need to be hearing a rich vocabulary. 

Back To Basics - Babies Need Real People

Let's spread the word about this bit of news: Baby Einstein can no longer claim to create baby geniuses, and must even refund the price of its videos. It costs nothing to do the bottom-line best for children. Parents and caregivers need only share lots of language and a joy of being together. Attend storytimes and check out some books from the library and you have even further rich resources.

Please take a moment to read this NY Times article, "No Einstein in Your Crib? Get A Refund." by Tamar Lewin

Grammar, Toddler-Style

I came across this article in Science News while I was restocking our library's magazine display! In 2-year-olds Possess Grammatical Insights, Bruce Bower writes, "Budding toddlers recognize the difference between nouns and verbs in simple sentences, even though the kids don’t utter such sentences for at least another year."

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