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Aurora Public Library's New Early Literacy Center

Post by Crystal N.

Webinar: Every Child Ready to Read: New conversations on research, relationships and partnerships

Here's a learning opportunity for children's librarians and others interested in early literacy. From the program's website:

Advocacy Tip for January: Storytime Parents as Advocates!

Note: CLEL will be posting a new Advocacy Tip every month. To see all the tips, click on the "Advocacy Tip" tag above.

Don’t you love it when one of your storytime families thanks you for storytime? Well, the next time someone does, ask them to consider spreading the love! Invite them to write a letter to the editor of your local paper in praise of storytime!

New CAL Interest Group

From Nicole Burchfield, CLEL member, comes the news that a new special interest group has been formed within the Colorado Assocation of Libraries: the Children and Teens Special Interest Group (CATSIG).

CLEL 12 January Update!

Happy New Year!

Here’s our monthly update on our new CLEL 12 project, a set of early-literacy related activities you are invited to complete this year. The actions were developed as basic building blocks, to help you strengthen your role as an early-literacy advocate, increase your participation in the early literacy community, further your own professional development and education, and expand your knowledge of the CLEL organization.

Early Literacy Event: Countdown to Kindergarten Carnival at Pikes Peak Library District

Check out this cool early literacy event happening at the Pikes Peak Library District: The Countdown to Kindergarten Carnival! Designed to teach parents and caregivers the 5 practices that lead to early literacy learning, children are also allowed in on the fun! The first carnival takes place this Saturday, Jan. 14, at the Fountain Library and more carnivals will be held at other locations.

Denver Public Library's Read Aloud Program

Post by Yanira D.

The Fascinating World of Baby Brains: Facts Every Parent Should Know!

From Live Science comes "11 Facts Every Parent Should Know About Their Baby's Brain," and needless to say, many of them have to do with language learning and early literacy. This is a great introduction to brain development in babies that you may wish to share with parents, or use to sharpen your own knowledge and find some tips to share with parents!  Why is a baby's perception more like a lantern, while an adult's is like a flashlight?

Babies Can Start Determining A Child's Reliability at an Early Age

Post by Lisa C.

Results from a recent study show that babies as young as 13 months old can determine if an adult it reliable based on past experience with adult behavior. I found this article fascinating. It really shows how important it is that we are a positive and consistent presence in a baby’s life. Check out the article from Live Science.

How to Raise a Reader

Post by Lisa C.

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