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Job Opening: Library Program Associate; Denver Public Library

Denver Public Library is currently accepting applications for a full-time Library Program Associate in the Early Literacy Department of the Children's Library. Please note that the deadline for applying is THIS FRIDAY, JUNE 22.

Early Literacy and Summer Reading

We all know that Summer Reading Programs ("SRP") are a great way for school-aged kids to avoid the "summer slide" - dropping several grade levels of reading ability because they aren't picking up books over their vacation. But for kids who are not yet reading on their own, the summer is a great time to continue developing those early literacy skills that are so important to learning to read.

Book People Unite!

A new campaign by RIF is asking Book People to Unite in the name of getting books in the hands of kids who need them. From their website:

Preschoolers Get Big Benefit from Teachers Making One Small Change

Researchers have found that preschoolers whose teachers who make small references to print while reading aloud to children (pointing out letters or words, running finger under words from left to right, etc.) show increased reading skills later when compared to children whose teachers do not. This is a small change for teachers that pays in huge dividends. We can (and do) do this in storytime as well! Read more about the study in this article from Science Daily.

Scientist Captures His Child's Language Learning on Video

MIT cognitive scientist Deb Roy wanted to study how young children learn language. What better way than to study his own child? Roy installed video cameras in his home and recorded the family's every move for 5 years. Then he analyzed the videos to discover how his son learned words through hearing them in context. Watch as his son learns the word "ball", evolving from just the "buh" sound to the full word.

How Puppets in Storytime Help Develop Early Literacy Skills

Do you use puppets in storytime? I do; I bring a different "friend" for each storytime theme who comes out to help introduce our stories. He/she/it then sits down to enjoy storytime with the kids.

SAVE THE DATE! CLEL Annual Meeting

The 2012 CLEL Annual Meeting is scheduled for Friday, September 7, 2012 at the Douglas County Fairgrounds.  This will be a full day event with speakers, sharing and networking.  Keep an eye out for more details as we get closer to the event.

DON'T FORGET! World Read Aloud Day is TOMORROW!

What are you doing to celebrate World Read Aloud Day tomorrow? I'm reading to preschoolers - and although that's what I do every day, tomorrow it will be extra special, as people everywhere read aloud to children in an effort to develop literacy practices in vulnerable communities. This is just one of the efforts sponsored by LitWorld, a non-profit organization working to build literacy skills around the world. From their website:

CLEL Steering Committee Meeting - All Welcome!


Aurora Public Library's New Early Literacy Center

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